(机器翻译) PolyCAD允许您创建,操纵,导入和导出几何游艇和船舶游艇设计。在其发展中,现在已经有二十多年了,它已经探索了快速准确的曲线和曲面建模的机会来支持船体表面设计。

作为简单船体截面几何的编辑器,它采用了NURBS和参数船体生成的 表面建模的挑战。今天,X拓扑超越了大多数船体表面设计软件,允许复杂的, 使用Design Intent进行多补丁表面,并引入了允许船体形式更快更准确地设计典型表面设计技术的方法。这是对现代Windows可执行文件中的艺术的探索。




PolyCAD allows you to create, manipulate, import and export geometry for yacht and ship yacht design. In its development, now over more than 20 years, it has explored opportunities for rapid and accurate curve and surface modelling to support the hull surface design. Starting out as an editor for simple hull section geometry, it took on the challenge of surface modelling with NURBS and Parametric Hull Generation. Today, X-Topology goes beyond most hull surface design software by allowing both the representation of complex, multi-patch surfaces using Design Intent and introducing methodologies that allow hull forms to be designed faster and more accurately that typical surface design techniques. It's an exploration of the art in a modern Windows executable.

PolyCAD is free. Free to download, free to register but also free from the commercial pressures that limit innovation in this specialised area of design. PolyCAD is not about just-enough capability to perform a task for maximised cost. This allows alternative approaches of user interface and hull surface design to be explored without reference to a return on investment. PolyCAD is developed for the love of the art of hull design.

Hull Surface Design is not easy. PolyCAD has a user interface which has been crafted to support design within the constraints of a 2D screen and mouse movements. Snapping, constraints, transformations, geometric and hydrostatic analysis are all tools available to the user during the design experience. However, the challenge is in design itself. Using your expertise to craft shapes can be difficult especially when you are learning the process. Take your time to learn the tools and understand the processes involved. Few people in the world master the art of controlling mathematical representations of the shape of planked wood or steel plate and it's always rewarding see a smooth shape after a couple of hours of being in the design 'zone'.