Sailcut CAD是一种风帆设计和绘图软件,可让您设计和可视化自己的风帆,并计算平板中所有面板的准确开发。

新版本叫Sailcut CAD,用C ++编写,使用Qt框架,由RobertLainé和JeremyLainé联合开发。它是根据GNU公共许可证(GPL)的条款分发的。

帆板CAD能够进行横切,扭脚切割,垂直切割,斜切和径向切割帆设计以及翼帆,全部采用多种语言。它还包括一个观察者,您可以在其中组装船体,钻机和一套风帆,以了解它们的匹配情况。Sailcut CAD已经成功地用于制作帆船和巡航游艇以及模型船。

Sailcut CAD is a sail design and plotting software which allows you to design and visualise your own sail and compute the accurate development of all panels in flat sheets. The original Sailcut was a Basic program developed by Robert Lainé in 1978. The new version, called Sailcut CAD, is written in C++ using the Qt framework and is developed jointly by Robert Lainé and Jeremy Lainé. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL).

Sailcut CAD is able to do cross cut, twist foot cut, vertical cut, mitre cut and radial cut sail design as well as wing sails, all in a number of languages. It also includes a viewer where you can assembled a hull, a rig and a set of sails to see how they match. Sailcut CAD has been successfully used for making sails for racing and cruising yacht as well as for model boats.

Download Sailcut CAD is available for GNU/Linux, MacOS/X and Windows platforms.

Sailcut 1.4 beta 2 for Windows Sailcut 1.4 beta 2 for OS X Sailcut 1.4 beta 2 source code Sailcut CAD is also distributed with Debian GNU/Linux. Sailcut CAD也随Debian GNU / Linux一起分发。

Documentation The Sailcut CAD Handbook is currently available in the following formats:

English version in HTML format French version in HTML format (work in progress) Spanish version in HTML format (work in progress)