DelftShip (原freeship)


DELFTship™Free is a fully functional 3D hullform modeling program perfectly suited for students, home users or anyone else with an interest in ship design. And as the name already implies it's completly free of charge! The subdivision surfaces used by DELFTship™ allow for rapidly modeling the most complex shapes in a very flexible way. Combine this with a very intuitive user interface and the same reporting tools as DELFTship™Professional and you'll be designing professional looking boats in no time! Use DELFTship™Free to: Model any type of hull. DELFTship™Free is limited to hulls that are symmetrical with respect to the centerplane. Perform basic hydrostatic and resistance calculations. View, print and export the traditional 2D linesplan view which is calculated from the 3D model (shaded or black & white). Use the Lackenby hullform transformation to automatically adjust hull parameters such as displacement and longitudinal center of buoyancy to specified values while maintaining fairness of your model. Export to various 2D/3D file formats (.STL, .DXF, .OBJ, .GHS etc.) View plate expansions. Although it lacks some of the more advanced modeling features of DELFTship™Professional, files created with either version of the program are fully compatible. Our model database contains a large number of free downloadable DELFTship™ models submitted by our users. These are a good starting point to see how things are done, or can be used as the basis for a new design of your own.

谷歌翻译: DELFTship™Free是一款功能齐全的3D hullform建模程序,非常适合学生,家庭用户或任何对船舶设计感兴趣的人员。而且这个名字已经意味着它完全免费! DELFTAGE™使用的细分表面允许以非常灵活的方式快速建模最复杂的形状。结合一个非常直观的用户界面和与DELFTship™Professional相同的报告工具,您将尽快设计专业的船只!使用DELFTship™免费: 模型任何类型的船体。 DELFTAGE™Free仅限于相对于中心面对称的船体。 进行基本的静电和电阻计算。 查看,打印和导出从3D模型(阴影或黑白)计算出的传统2D线条视图。 使用Lackenby hullform转换自动调整船体参数,如浮力的位移和纵向中心到指定的值,同时保持模型的公平性。 导出到各种2D / 3D文件格式(.STL,.DXF,.OBJ,.GHS等) 查看板块扩展。 虽然它缺少DELFTship™Professional的一些更先进的建模功能,但使用该版本的程序创建的文件是完全兼容的。我们的模型数据库包含大量由我们的用户提交的免费下载DELFTAGE™模型。这些是一个很好的起点,看看事情如何完成,或者可以作为您自己的新设计的基础。


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