KayakFoundry - Kayak Design Software

KayakFoundry - Kayak Design Software

由Ross Leidy发布的KAYAK FOUNDRY,是很多皮划艇DIY伙伴喜爱的软件。很精确的参数控制,输出断面切片图。 是细条船制作的好工具。


KayakFoundry 1.6 Features:

  • Stability Curves
  • Multiple views for shaping the kayak in Plan, Profile, and Body
  • Supports 1, 2, or 3 cockpits with independent or shared shapes
  • Auto-positioned cockpit tracks with changes to center of buoyancy
  • Resizable/hideable panels
  • Waterlines and buttock lines
  • Active Section view shows all section dimensions
  • Curve shaping by dragging control points
  • Rubber-banding for multiple control point selection
  • Keyboard arrow keys provide fine adjustments of control point position.
  • Real-time calculation and display of all kayak curves and hydrostatic data
  • Real-time location markers indicate critical hydrostatic positions
  • Optional auto-roundover of deck at bow and stern
  • Sliding position line for viewing cross-sectional shape along the length
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Imperial or Metric units
  • Bow Left or Bow Right display
  • Printed stations - adjusted for user-specified strip thickness (sample form)
  • Printed study drawing (sample study drawings)
  • Zoom in/out
  • Optional grid with user-specified interval
  • Exaggerated curves
  • A "notes" panel let you record comments and descriptions of the design
  • Integrated drag predictions using John Winter's KAPER algorithm
  • Form layout canvas to minimize paper usage
  • Parameters for the Broze drag prediction spreadsheet


Sailcut CAD是一种风帆设计和绘图软件,可让您设计和可视化自己的风帆,并计算平板中所有面板的准确开发。

DelftShip (原freeship)




(机器翻译) PolyCAD允许您创建,操纵,导入和导出几何游艇和船舶游艇设计。在其发展中,现在已经有二十多年了,它已经探索了快速准确的曲线和曲面建模的机会来支持船体表面设计。


 赫尔斯是一个伟大的计划。给了我几个小时的乐趣,并帮助我加深了对船只的了解,在进一步了解之前,我要感谢其开发商格雷格·卡尔森(Gregg Carlson)免费提供。